we're Here to Show You How to Take Your Power Back {=Freedom from the BS!}

You're here! Yay! Finally...because it's time to get you your freedom from the bullshit!

Freedom to get more happiness, fulfillment, success, time, sleep, better health, deeper and more meaningful relationships and an ability to deal with anything that life throws at  you. 

How can you find and live your purpose if you're dealing with all the garbage life is throwing at you?

What do we mean by POWER?

We're not just talking about the battery power that fuels a sexy Tesla...nor are we talking about the battery on your iPhone...and we are most definitely not talking about an insecure person who pushes other people around out of a need to dominate by bullying.  That isn't true power, it is the fake stuff.

No way...we are talking about YOU! The power you were born into this world with and somewhere along the way lost. 

{Real authentic POWER is owning yours and creating the safety and space for everyone around you to stand in theirs.}

It's not your fault you lost your power along the way. We all do.

It's our job to show you how to reconnect to it and never let it go again. 

Our moms taught us some proper southern manners, but when it comes to showing you your path back to your power...we don't play and we don't candy coat. We also swear a little along the way. Yes...girls we swear sometimes.

Truth is at the core of our work. (Wanna go behind the scenes and find out how we met...CLICK HERE)

So let's go ahead and rip the band aid off...

We are tired of the conversation about equality. It’s time to go deep and talk about what will actually get us what the world needs and we're all craving. 

{When you are fully in your power and with the wisdom, acceptance and respect for everyone around you, equilibrium is restored. It just happens. It’s like magic.}

Men and women are different. It’s all good.

Different generations are um…well different. But it’s all good.

We’re culturally different, we believe in and celebrate God in different ways, some of us are introverts and others extroverts, some of us are naturally athletic and others natural engineers…it’s all good!

No one is better than anyone else and no one is less than anyone else.

{We believe that everyone can be the leader of their own free world.}

Make your own rules, step out of the box, but respect everyone while doing it. It’s pretty simple.

So why are so many of us walking around depressed, anxious, pissed off, disappointed and hopeless? Divorce is rampant, politics and democracy are broken, we’re judging each other based on who and how we worship or don’t, teenagers are taking the f-it pill earlier and earlier no matter how much their parents tried to instill “self-esteem” in them…as a society…we kinda suck right now.

Shit! We said it. No putting the lid back on that one now.

We’re truth tellers and truth seekers and we just can’t stand to not talk about this elephant in the room.

Have you ever met an elephant in person…they are hard to ignore and man oh man are they magnificent. Why would you want to ignore that beauty!?

{The truth…finding YOUR truth…no matter how scary it can feel…is the most magnificent thing that can ever happen to any of us. When you fall in love with your truth...it’s the greatest gift you will ever give yourself…and the world!}

Your truth is different from our truths and is different from anyone else’s truth. The truth that we need in our life is different from the truth that you need.

Truth is deeply personal and it’s yours, no one else’s.

You got that?

Take a second and take that in…deep in your heart and soul. It’s the most powerful tool you’ll ever learn to use.


{Add some love to that truth…it’s the magic elixir to connect you to your truth and to awaken the magic of connection to other people in your life.}

Do you want to be surrounded by loving relationships with people who adore you and want to contribute to you?

Do you want to heal broken relationships with people you've lost hope with…your child, your parent or maybe even the love of your life (maybe you haven’t even met yet)?

{Truth + Love = Power}

Are you ready to have the most powerful formula you'll ever learn in life?

{Is today the day you decide to get your power back and become the leader of your own free world?}

Join us for coffee and let's talk about it!

Now if you're like we used to be and have tried what feels everything seeking your freedom (self-help books, therapy, meditation, prayer, medicine, affirmations, seminars, etc. and they didn't work...because they don't lead to lasting change)...right about now you might be thinking. Ok this all sounds great and sure…easy for you guys to say…but if you knew my story you’d know why my life sucks and there is no hope.

Hold up…don’t assume.

We’ll tell you just a little about where we come from and how we got here and then you can decide if we’re full of #($/!

Keep reading to find out more about our personal journeys and why we're so passionate about teaching you how to tap into and use the most powerful tools you'll ever come across. 

But first...fun facts about Claudette and Shelley!

Want the behind the scenes story on us...CLICK HERE!


  • Used to sing in bands. Now she sings whenever she feels like it and hopes you won't be annoyed.
  • Was once clocked going 122 mph while racing another car. Oops....got in trouble for that. If you want to torture her...drive slow.
  • Can't stop saying: "It's all good." or...oh wait we really can't put that other one in public.
  • Defender of the underdog!
  • Married 20+ years and worth celebrating! After unlocking these gender-based secrets, they now have each other's backs.
  • Southern belle entrepreneur running a real estate company, media company and....what's next...starting a revolution!
  • Loves to solve problems and make things happen.
  • Used to hang out in the VIP sections of the top clubs in NYC.  She can twerk better than a video vixen!
  • Experienced her first kiss at 6 years old. Was so shocked she hit him over the head.
  • Loves performing marriages and helping couples write their vows.
  • Favorite movies are Matrix, Letters to Juliet, Inception and Forest Gump.


  • Was once walked home by the Secret Service after a late night on Bourbon Street to make her mom happy.
  • Developed organic cotton supply chains in South America.
  • Use to live next door to the President of Indonesia. They never met, but she was buddies with his security team.
  • Loves the word love...can't get enough of it.
  • Reformed serial dater and international jet set girl. She knows a thing or two about charming a man and taking advantage of lifetime airline status. 
  • Taxi drivers in Lima, Peru think she knows some sketchy neighborhoods better than they do. Running a multi-million dollar fashion business was not always so glamorous.
  • Of the 5 times she's been Maid of Honor, 3 were during a 15 month period while traveling for her business 50%.
  • Bakes an amazing peach pie...well any kind of pie.
  • You'll find her in the woods for a hike on most days...unless she's at the beach. 
  • Was once featured in an NBC sports special about women in triathlons. It was her first.
  • Favorite movies are Contact, Traffic, It’s a Wonderful Life and Warm Bodies.

From Welfare and The Projects to Jet setting and Living the Dream!

We all have a past and ours weren't very pretty.  

Claudette's father abandoned the family leaving them penniless when she was just a 2 years old. She had to become a survivor growing up in the violence and poverty of the projects. If you're ever in a bar fight...you want her on your side! She fought her way out of an abusive marriage at 19 to climb the ranks of a top fortune 500 company and then on to eventually start her own successful real estate company.

Everyone thought she had it all, but behind closed doors she was falling apart. Anxiety, insomnia, headaches and constant stress threatened everything she cared about. She almost lost her business, happy 2nd marriage and time with her precious daughter. It's a happy ending, or we wouldn't be here today telling you this story. Claudette discovered her freedom through gaining her power back and along the way discovered a formula that has helped hundreds of people that we have worked with.


Shelley's father dropped out of medical school and eventually left her mother on welfare with two kids under five. After he took his own life, Shelley spent years trying to bury the devastated feelings of a sad little girl. But you can't bury that garbage...belief systems get created to protect you from the "fear" and you find yourself with a need to control everything around you. Exhausting...especially if you're driven to build a very successful international business.

She may have been living the jet set lifestyle, but behind closed doors she was falling apart. She couldn't sleep, was anxious about all of the employees that relied on her for work, suffered from debilitating migraines and stress was the norm.  Her life was not the life she had planned and worked so hard for. Something had to change or she thought she might die from the stress and insomnia. Her journey to freedom led to a gold mine of discoveries. A life totally and completely free from anxiety, fear, stress and insomnia is just a formula away.

Together with Claudette, Shelley is determined to see this formula in the hands of millions of good people who deserve their freedom just like you.

We discovered this magical formula the hard way, but you don't have to. 

What is that magical formula that will set you free?

{Truth + Love = Power}

There is only one question for you to answer now...

{Is today the day you decide to get your power back and become the leader of your own free world?}