we Show You How to Have The Love & Happiness You Desire With Men! 

You're here! Yay! Finally...because it's time to get you your freedom from the junk standing in the way of the love, life and relationship you desire (and DESERVE!)

{We don't want you to go one more day without the secrets to the loving and happy relationship that you desire!}

As women, our relationships are our life-line and a reflection of who we are. They give us energy and purpose. The connections we share with the ones we love is the center of our world.

If our heart is hurting, our world falls apart. 

When we're not getting what we need in our relationships it's impossible to feel or be our best, no matter how successful we are in other areas of our life.

If no one shared the secrets to men and exactly how to get what you need from them, how are you supposed to have the relationship you deserve? That would be like trying to bake a cake with no recipe! 

{If you don't have the relationship you desire (and deserve!), it's not your fault!}

Why don't you (and almost all women) have the secrets to men and the relationship you want to have with him?

When Claudette found herself hearing the words "I love you, but I'm not in love with you anymore. I think I want a divorce." from her husband more than ten years ago, she didn't know why her fairy tale marriage fell apart.

But she knew she wanted to try to fix it. She didn't want to have any regrets!

Along the way to fixing her marriage, she discovered a treasure trove of secrets to passionate and happy loving relationships with men. It was like finally having the keys to the secret vault for the good life. He fell back in love, they re-launched the honeymoon and have a strong marriage beyond her wildest dreams!

They wouldn't be married for over 20 years if she hadn't made these discoveries.

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When Shelley found herself exhausted and frustrated in her dating life at the exact moment her career was soaring to new heights, it felt really unfair. Did having a successful career mean you have to give up on love?

She knew there had to be an answer. It wasn't fair.

Along the way to finding as much success in dating and love as she had achieved in business, Shelley uncovered the same treasure trove of secrets that Claudette had discovered. The secrets to always meeting incredible men, having him step up and pursue and knowing exactly how to get him to feel deep attraction when she wants!

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At the core of our work is empowering women to be confident and have amazing relationships with men!

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Imagine knowing exactly how to get him to open up and share his heart with you.

How to flip a switch to turn up his love and attraction. (And yours!)

The exact words to neutralize any conflict and have it result in feeling closer to each other.

You can get him to fall (back) in love!

It's all possible...but only if you know how men are different from women and the exact words and actions he will respond to.

{If you do what you do with women...your relationships with men won't work. You could waste years putting up with less than what you deserve.}

It can start out hot and steamy, but eventually it will fall apart. Men and women don't think, speak, see or listen the same. The list goes on! It's as if we're as different as cats to dogs!  

If women go long enough without these inside secrets, we lose ourselves. We lose our confidence and we lose our passion.

It's easy for us to fall into the all Men Are Assh@l#s club. 

We're inviting you to a new club. One where men adore us and we get what we need. 

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{If no one shared the secrets to successful relationships with men, how are you supposed to figure it out on your own?}

Women who work with us tell us a few of the same things over and over...

"I wish I'd known all of this so much earlier. Things would have been so different."

"Why aren't marriage counselors teaching this stuff?"

"I can't believe how fast he responded!"

{When you know exactly what will get him to respond to you, you're in the driver's seat!}

"I am so grateful to Claudette & Shelley for this life-changing information! My husband fell back in love with me! I could hardly believe how his feelings for me changed overnight. The steps work! It was like we were newlyweds all over again. The best part is that I'm happier than I've ever been! - Rose
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{Let's get to know each other! Here's a little about us...}

  • Used to sing in bands. Now she sings whenever she feels like it and hopes you won't be annoyed.
  • Was once clocked going 122 mph while racing another car. Oops....got in trouble for that. If you want to torture her...drive slow.
  • Can't stop saying: "It's all good." or...oh wait we really can't put that other one in public.
  • Defender of the underdog!
  • Married 20+ years and worth celebrating! After she unlocked the secrets to amazing relationships with men, they "freaking love each other!"
  • Southern belle entrepreneur running a real estate company, media company and....what's next...starting a revolution!
  • Loves to solve problems and make things happen.
  • Used to hang out in the VIP sections of the top clubs in NYC.  She can twerk better than a video vixen!
  • Experienced her first kiss at 6 years old. Was so shocked she hit him over the head.
  • Loves performing marriages and helping couples write their vows.
  • Favorite movies are Matrix, Letters to Juliet, Inception and Forest Gump.


  • Was once walked home by the Secret Service after a late night on Bourbon Street to make her mom happy.
  • Developed organic cotton supply chains in South America.
  • Use to live next door to the President of Indonesia. They never met, but she was buddies with his security team.
  • Loves the word love...can't get enough of it.
  • Reformed serial dater and international jet set girl. She knows a thing or two about charming a man and taking advantage of lifetime airline status. 
  • Taxi drivers in Lima, Peru think she knows some sketchy neighborhoods better than they do. Running a multi-million dollar fashion business was not always so glamorous.
  • Of the 5 times she's been Maid of Honor, 3 were during a 15 month period while traveling for her business 50%.
  • Bakes an amazing peach pie...well any kind of pie.
  • You'll find her in the woods for a hike on most days...unless she's at the beach. 
  • Was once featured in an NBC sports special about women in triathlons. It was her first.
  • Favorite movies are Contact, Traffic, It’s a Wonderful Life and Warm Bodies.

From Welfare and The Projects to Jet setting and Living the Dream!

We all have a past and ours weren't very pretty. There's a reason we're so passionate about empowering women to save their marriage and be successful in love and life at the same time!

Claudette's father abandoned the family leaving them penniless when she was just a 2 years old. She had to become a survivor growing up in the violence and poverty of the projects. If you're ever in a bar fight...you want her on your side! She fought her way out of an abusive marriage at 19 to climb the ranks of a top fortune 500 company and then on to eventually start her own successful real estate company.

Everyone thought she had it all, but behind closed doors she was falling apart. Anxiety, insomnia, headaches and constant stress threatened everything she cared about. She almost lost her business, happy 2nd marriage and time with her precious daughter. It's a happy ending, or we wouldn't be here today telling you this story. Claudette discovered her freedom through gaining her power back and along the way discovered a formula for saving marriages that has helped thousands of women!

Shelley's father dropped out of medical school and eventually left her mother on welfare with two kids under five. Shelley spent years trying to bury the devastated feelings of a sad little girl. But you can't bury that garbage...belief systems get created to protect you from the "fear" and you find yourself with a need to control everything around you. 

Exhausting, especially if you're driven to build a very successful international business.

She may have been living the jet set lifestyle, but behind closed doors she was falling apart. She couldn't sleep, was anxious about all of the employees that relied on her for work, suffered from debilitating migraines and stress was the norm.  Her life was not the life she had planned and worked so hard for. The more successful her career, the worse her love life. Something had to change or she thought she might die from the stress and insomnia. Her journey to freedom led to a gold mine of discoveries. A life totally and completely free from anxiety, fear, stress and insomnia and incredible relationships with men! 

Together with Claudette, Shelley is determined to see these formulas in the hands of millions of good women just like you. 

We discovered this magical formula the hard way, but you don't have to. 

What will get you the loving relationships with men that you desire? It's rooted on one beautiful formula...

{Truth + Love = Power}

There is only one question for you to answer now...

{Is today the day you decide to get your power back and unlock the secrets to the love you desire?}