Claudette & Shelley: A Peak Behind the Scenes

How I met Shelley...

(Here is how Claudette remembers it...)

Hustling I hurried from the airport to make my first meeting for a yearlong training that focused on the differences between men and women. I didn't know a single soul in the room but felt at a "gut" level that I needed to be right where I was.

{Don't ignore a gut feeling!} 

Registration went smooth enough and I worked to find a seat in the room and waited in anticipation for the training to start.

I noticed a long haired blond lady walking toward me to find a seat and she was tall like me. I immediately felt comfortable around her because of our height. I made a comment to her that sounded slightly hokey with a taste of cool. “Oh girl, another tall lady. I love it, we have to sit together.”

{1 Tall Redhead + 1 Tall Blonde = Double Trouble}

I am a bit of a strange introvert. Some people that know me would not believe it because I can speak to large crowds and can talk to anyone in any situation. My comfort zone is to just sit back and observe everyone for a little while and just let my relationships with people unfold naturally.

Luckily, she responded positively to my comment and didn’t think that I was a strange stalker of tall women; we sat by each other that day. There was just something about her, could not pin point it, but it was there.

By the end of our yearlong training, we had realized that we stood for the same things, had helped many people in the same ways, had overcome our own fear, stress and anxiety to fulfill our purposes and carried the same dream to help others become all that they can be. 

{ A partnership was born.}

The Story Behind The Personal Power Cafe

We love our cafe. Sometimes we dream about opening a real coffee shop in town called The Personal Power Cafe...but for now it's a video studio and office that we created.

{It's the teenagers have told us when we have to kick them out to get some work done.}

But it wasn't always like that. Our first few attempts at a website/video set were just bad. To our rescue came style and branding expert Jenna to guide us to something that really represents us and what we stand for. The Personal Power Cafe was born. Here's a short video to peak behind the scenes and the development of our brand.

(Video Coming Soon)


Our Blooper Reel

We warned you our old video set was sad...