An Awkward Moment

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An awkward moment can derail you or you can turn it into a chance to build a relationship. We've got a plan for you so that the next time you find yourself burping out of no where on a date or farting in a business meeting you'll know exactly how to turn it into a relationship building tool. Did you just laugh out loud while reading this in public? Fantastic! Now you have an opportunity to put this into action right now.

Turning an Awkward Moment into a Relationship Building Tool

There is something that we all share in common. We all have awkward moments. The only thing that can make us different is how we handle awkward moments when they come up for us or others.

It's possible to turn that potentially embarrassing awkward moment like toilet paper stuck to your shoes, a spilled drink on you by the passenger sitting next to you on an airplane or a big loud burp while you're trying to charm a romantic interest on a date into a relationship building tool.

Watch the video to hear what happened to Shelley one day after she walked out of the bathroom and how Claudette turned food in her teeth into landing a new client.

We had so much fun laughing at ourselves for all the awkward moments we've experienced in our lives. The one thing that is for sure is that when we addressed the elephant in the room, whether it was our awkward moment or someone else's, we empowered everyone present and it led to building relationships.

Put the tips in the video into action today! Over the next 48 hours go ahead and address an awkward moment and empower everyone. Have fun and let us know how it goes.

Leave us a comment below and let us know about some of your experiences with awkward moments.

We're all in this together and when you take the lead on an awkward moment you rock!