Almost Any Couple Can Recover From An Affair

"I want to undo the cheating." This is the dream for her marriage. She's not alone. We share why almost any couple can recover from an affair In this week's Q & A in The Personal Power Cafe. It is possible to recover and heal from an affair. It's also possible to affair proof your marriage!

Affairs are a touchy subject, but knowledge is power. Almost 60% of women who have answered our ongoing marriage survey are in a marriage that has already experience some sort of affair.  It's extremely common, but it does not mean the end of your marriage if you know what to do next.

Even if you haven't experienced an affair in your marriage we want you to know how to prevent one. Affairs happen to good people all the time. We're on a mission to be a safe place for you to get real actionable steps to repair and strengthen your marriage. 

Click play below to hear us share why almost any couple can recover from an affair.

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