Be Irresistible to Men?

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Attention ladies!  What if we could share with you some simple tips that would cause you to be irresistible to men?  Are you tired of being disappointed by the men in your life or by not being asked out after meeting someone that you are interested in?  We will share with you a simple special secret that causes you to be irresistible that is super easy and even seems obvious once you know it. To connect with men, we need to be able to speak with them.  To speak with them, we need to be able to understand how they process a conversation.  It is a lot different than how women process one. 

So what is this secret that causes women like you to be irresistible to men?  Men love hints and cues on how to make you happy.  This even applies to men that you are not romantically involved with and can enhance any relationship.  The combination of how to listen to a man and how to communicate what makes you happy are simply irresistible to a man.  Men love to win and will stop trying at something if they can’t.  They simply won’t keep wasting their time.

Why Is Winning so Important to Men

Men love to win because this is an instinct that has caused them to increase their chances of surviving and thriving.  Men are acutely aware of their time and what they can accomplish within a certain amount of time.  Men also generally have a natural desire to make women happy.  As women; we shouldn’t mind this at all.  If you are happy then he is usually happy!

On the flip side, if they fail too many times at making you happy they may give up.  Sometimes this means they just stop trying and other times they will just go away.  Many times as women, we will expect a man to know what would make us happy.  Please do not do this.  Never assume that he should know because most of the time he will not know.  Men focus very intently on activities that cause them to provide.  This looks like work or a life mission.  When their work is going well, they will be more available for a relationship.  When it isn’t, they will be less available.

Share What Will Make you Happy to Be Irresistible to Men

Here’s how you share what will make you happy with a man:

  • Share Preferences – Let your guy know what you like and what makes you happy.  Be specific and to the point.  Men do not collect details like women do so he’s not likely to remember your favorite color, ice cream flavor or upcoming special events unless you set him up to know these details and why he needs to know.
  • Ask how you want to be listened to – Most men naturally listen in two default ways. First Default: If you’re upset, they are listening to what is the problem (they may interrupt and start solving your problem).  Second Default: If you are ok, they are listening to what’s the point (ie – not listening to all the details).   Ask a man how you want to be listened to – that sets him up to win with you.
  • What do you need?  Tell a guy what you need up front and in advance so he knows exactly what you expect and what will make you happy.  Keeping track of every detail you share is not natural for most men and it does not reflect how they feel about you.  Things we hear from men about this: “I can’t read her mind” or “I wish she’d just tell me what she needs instead of criticizing me.”
  • Be Authentic – Be honest and be yourself.  If he likes chocolate, you don’t have to like chocolate.  He would rather know that you like vanilla.  He won’t ever know how to make you happy if you are not honest about what you like and who you are.
  • Let him do it – If he’s in charge, let him be in charge.  Men like to solve problems for themselves.  When you backseat drive or tell him how to do something he’s supposed to be in charge of, you take away his ability to do what he does best.  He may take this as an insult.  He will solve the problem using his best skills and accounting for any weaknesses he may have to achieve the goal.  If he needs your help, he’ll ask.  If you’ve given him preference details and told him what you need he will find a way.
  • Appreciate Effort – Instead of telling a guy what he’s done wrong or getting upset that things are not exactly how you wanted them.  Appreciate the effort he made to try.  If a guy gets enough appreciation for effort he will want to keep trying to make you happy.  No one is perfect.  Effort shows that they care, and after all, isn’t that what’s most important?

Women:  When women set the men in their life up to win at making them happy they get what more of what they need and are irresistible to men.  It’s a win-win for women and men.  Try it out and see for yourself!

Men:  If the woman in your life is not sharing enough details with you about what will make her happy.  Ask.  Let her know that men and women are different and that you’d appreciate her if she’d tell you what makes her happy so that you can make her happy.  If she responds by saying anything is fine or that she wants you to make the plan, come back with 2-3 options and have her choose.

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