Differences Between Men and Women: Operating Systems That Don’t Sync Up

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Do the differences between men and women feel like they are speaking a different language? It’s a little like trying to share documents between a Mac and a PC. They don’t speak the same language. What if men and women have different operating systems just like a Mac or a PC?

Differences Between Men and Women: Operating Systems That Don’t Sync Up. What’s An Operating System?

An operating system on computers is what is running in the background. You forget it’s there because you’re interfacing with the front programs like surfing the internet or document creation. But the operating system is the backbone of the computer and is the reason that a Mac and a PC are completely different.

Here are some phrases we’ve heard used to describe their differences:

Macs:  easy to use, creating beauty, beautiful design, worth the price, always changing/evolving, creative

PCs:  functional, efficient, cost effective/good value, function over form, not too much change, productive

Sounds a little like the difference between men and women doesn’t it?

Men and women have background operating systems that are totally different. It’s just part of our DNA.

Human Animal Instincts = Human Operating System

Most of us forget that we have human animal instincts running as our background operating system. This is what makes us human and not birds or cats and it’s responsible for the survival of our species. We all have it even if we’re not thinking about it. It doesn’t mean we are not all unique and individual.

Basic Differences Between Men and Women

Men/Masculine: Hunt, Single Focus, Think, Procreate, Protect, Provide, Conceal, Affection, Scarcity, Fear, Competition

Women/Feminine:Gather, Aware of all surroundings, Feel, Need to Please, Collect/Share Details, Connection, Scarcity, Fear

Sounds primal, right? You can think of it as a little caveman or cavewoman hidden behind our attractive daily appearance. We are wired for survival and the male and female operating systems are different for a reason. The differences between men and women support the survival of the species.

Are all men alike?  No.  Are all women alike?  No.

What if we’re all somewhere on the spectrum of masculine and feminine?

It is possible to learn to understand each other and celebrate the differences between men and women. When we all understand each other better and have tips to bring out the best in each other we can all be happier and more empowered.

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