Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

Do girls like bad boys?  Actually, they don’t, but they do like the qualities that the so called bad boys have learned will attract women.  These are secrets that any man can learn and cultivate to become more attractive to women.  In turn, a woman can learn to ask for what she needs from the nice guy in her life to turn up the attraction meter. Keep reading to get what you need.

So Why Do Girls Like Bad Boys?

Why is it that women say they want a nice guy but you always see so many women falling for the jerks?  It’s easy for men to fall into the trap of calling those women indecisive or inauthentic, but it’s really a biological response to qualities that women desire in a man.  The bad boys use this knowledge to take advantage of women.

So how is biology playing a role in our attraction?  Check out our post on attraction and the two types of attraction that you are under the influence of.  Biology will have you choose a mate that may ensure survival of any offspring but has nothing to do with happiness or respect.   When we learn more about these types of attraction, we can make different choices and we can use that knowledge for everyone’s benefit.

What happens when a good man uses this knowledge to turn on a woman he’s attracted to? Magic happens.  Bad boys eventually break a girl’s heart. The good guys stick around and are the ones that deliver in the long run.

When good guys use the bad boy secrets to attract women, they become irresistible.

What Are The Secrets The Bad Boys Use to Attract Women?

Be Take Charge:

A man is very attractive when he takes charge.  There is a fine line between being take charge and being selfish and disrespectful.

Qualities of a Take Charge Man:

  • He Takes Initiative
  • He is Confident
  • He is Assertive
  • He Takes Care of Things
  • He Makes the Plans
  • He is Masculine
  • He is Protective

Examples of Things Take Charge Men Say:

  • “I want to take you to dinner Saturday night at 7 PM.  I want to see you wear that red dress that you look so beautiful in.  And can you wear your hair down because it’s drives me crazy when you wear your hair down.  I’ll take care of all the plans, you just be ready for me to pick you up at 7.”
  • “Make sure to text me when you get home so that I know you are safe.”
  • “I’m going to take your car to get it fixed.”
  • “Let me do that for you.”
  • “I want… (Followed by anything)”

How These Qualities Have an Effect on Women:

  • When men are being take charge women can let go of being in charge because someone is being stronger than them.
  • It’s possible to relax and be in her body rather than whirling around with all the many things she is managing.  She gets to feel more feminine.
  • She can slow down, pay attention to you and be happy.
  • When men take charge, it makes men very attractive to women.  Even irresistible.

The difference between a good guy and a bad guy is respect.  Bad boys do not respect women. They only care about getting their own needs met.  When you respect a woman on top of being a take charge man you have the winning formula for attracting women and making them happy.  You can be her hero.

Men: Use these secrets to turn on the attraction with a woman you care about.

Women:  Become aware of what you are being attracted to.  If you are responding to these qualities in a man who does not respect you; then run!  Do you want the good guy in your life to become more attractive? Let him know what you need and why.

One of the best things we've heard a strong alpha male say about all of this was: "Well it’s like this; it’s when a man says scoot over, I’m driving.”  It isn't about the woman proving she can drive.  We know she can.  It is about a man taking charge to allow her to relax and that is sexy.

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