Turn Your Man On by Having Sex with the Lights On

Most guys are more turned on when having sex with the lights on. One major complaint that men give us is a lot of women want the lights off when having sex.  Guys are visual, the more they can see you the more turned on they get. For many women we understand that this may result in a hell to the no attitude.  Let's face it, most of us have things about our body that we wish we could hide.

Want to know how to be Confident and not be intimated when having Sex with the lights On?  We can show you how!

Understand How Men See Your Body and You Will Want the Lights On

Most women think that we have to have that perfect body to be sexy.

Want to know what men think makes a woman's body sexy?

Men are single focused, they don't notice all of the details like we do.  While they appreciate your entire body and beauty while making love to you they become visually focused on one part of your body.  It could be your boobs, butt or the nape of your neck.  When they are focused on this one part of your body, they are not paying attention to the rest.

Ladies, we know this is hard to believe, read the above again to really get this into your heart.

We want to tell you about two of our friends who have very different body types.

One of them is beautiful with a model like figure, but constantly concerned about her appearance.  It is almost uncomfortable being around her because she isn’t comfortable with herself or her body.  Although she gets a lot of sexual attention from men, dating and relationships are not working out for her.

Our other friend is a little overweight by most standards and constantly is in a relationship, many of them long term.  She has never had trouble dating and does not apologize for her body to anyone.  What is her secret?

She owns her body and allows her man to enjoy it.

How to Be Confident Enough with Your Body to Have Sex with the Lights On!

  1. Love the body that you have.  Sure…being healthy is important.  But...nothing is sexier than a woman that is comfortable with her body and not apologizing for it. We have heard from the men and they love it when a woman confidently walks around and is fully in her body.  A woman who enjoys and appreciates her own body becomes self confident and stops comparing herself to what society is telling us the ideal woman should look like.  Tip:  If you are having a hard time with this concept, pick your favorite part of your body or your man's favorite part of your body (exp. boobs) and focus on fully being in that part of your body.
  2. Understand that different men love different body types.There is a man that likes your body type right now.  Not every man likes one body type.  There are guys that like skinny and there are guys that like curvy.  Start walking around proud of who you are and not apologizing for how you look.  Test this out and see how men respond to you.
  3. Remember men are single focused while making love to you.Don’t point out how your tummy has gotten bigger or how you have more cellulite on your butt.  The will begin to focus on those things if you point them out.  Don’t go there!  He does not need a checklist on what you consider to be your faults.  Let yourself off the hook.  Nothing is sexier than a woman walking across the bedroom naked but dressed in confidence.
  4. Understand you are giving your man a juicy gift.  Men are visual.  When you turn the lights on during sex, he receives extra stimulation during sex.  This is a gift to him and easy for you to do once you understand how he really sees you.

Ladies…we carry a lot of power in our sexuality.  Don’t throw it away.

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