How to Make Inexpensive Dating Ideas Work for Men and Women

How To Make Inexpensive Dating Ideas Work For Men And Women

Can inexpensive dating ideas be fun and work for men and women at the same time? The pressure is generally on men to provide romantic dates.  Whether he’s dating a new woman to decide if they’re a match or he’s trying to keep the flame lit with his girlfriend or wife, it can be a challenging experience for men to take women on dates that will make her happy and not bankrupt him.  Dating can be very expensive.  We've got a winning formula for men to take women on really great dates and not break the bank.  

Inexpensive Dating:  Is It The Money or Something Else?

These days, dating can be a charged topic for men and for women.  

  • A lot of men don’t even want to call spending time with a woman a date because of bad experiences in his past. 
  • Some women disrespect men who take them on dates. 
  • A lot of women are really frustrated that men won’t ask them on dates or just want to hang out.   
  • Some men disrespect women and expect them to skip dating and go straight to sex. 

These days, even married couples are having a lot of conflict about dating. 

  • Many husbands think it’s too expensive and that they are never set up to win. 
  • Many wives think that they have to do all the work and it’s not worth it.

We met Doug, a 40 something single man, last year and he shared with us why he doesn't want to call a first date with a woman a date. 

After he described one of the dates he’d been on recently, we understood. 

He met up with a woman for a drink after she'd pursued him online. She was not exactly his type but he was open to meeting her because he was flattered that she had written to him.  

The night of their date she showed up talking on her cell phone and put her finger up to signal to him that she was on a phone call.  They each ordered a drink while she continued to talk on the phone.  After fifteen minutes or so she hung up and said “can we go someplace else to get something to eat?  I don’t like the food here.”  Mind you, the date was to meet for a drink, not dinner.

She then suggested they go to a more expensive restaurant nearby. 

After they ordered and had a bit of pleasant conversation, she interrupted the date again to call her son to ask him what he wanted her to order from the menu to take home for him. 

When the bill came, she expected Doug to pay the entire bill. 

He felt used at the end of the night and he never wanted to get taken advantage of like that again.  We’d like to believe that this is rare, but we've heard similar stories more than a few times.

Ultimately dating is about either getting to know a new person to see if you’re a match or nurturing the connection and affection in your relationship.  It’s not about the fancy dinner at the coolest new restaurant but about creating an opportunity to get to know each other or deepen the connection with the person you are in a relationship with.  It is also about respecting the person who is sharing their time with you.

Dating can be fun and inexpensive when you honor what men and women both need.

The How to Guide for Men & Women to Make Inexpensive Dating Ideas Fun for Both of You:


  • It is possible to impress women when you take them on inexpensive dates; it’s more about the planning and execution.
  • Balance out inexpensive dates with more expensive dates over the long run, if that’s in your budget.
  • You want to go on dates where you get to know each other in ways that demonstrate your long term compatibility or nurture your relationship and also respect what you are able to provide at the same time.
  • Don’t spend money you don’t have.   But don’t be too cheap. Women want to feel respected for their time and energy they put into your date.  If you’re not willing to spend some resources on her, are you really interested in her?
  • Planning is everything.  Let her know what you’re doing in advance so that she knows how to prepare.  The anticipation of an experience that you've planned for her will increase her satisfaction about the date. Most women love when men take charge and plan a date.
  • To make sure you’ll both win, you can let her choose from 2-3 options.  If it involves food, you want to ask if there are things she does not like or cannot eat.  


  • Take the pressure off of men about taking you on expensive dates by making suggestions about what will make you happy and giving them choices that are in a range of prices.
  • Send a signal to a man that you are more interested in getting to know him than his wallet.
  • Men want to know what will make you happy and they appreciate it when you give them ideas for dates.
  • Be prepared to offer a few date ideas to a man when he asks you for suggestions.
  • Keep in mind that taking you on dates is expensive for men and what you ask of him may cause him to reconsider if you’re a match.  Men do not want to feel used.
  • Appreciate that a man is spending his resources on you and that it can be expensive to take you on a lot of dates.  You can offer to reciprocate or contribute by cooking him dinner, bringing the snacks to a movie date or packing the picnic.

Inexpensive dating ideas work for men and women when the emphasis is put on the most valuable resource that you invest in each other; which is your time, energy and focus.

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Leave us a comment below, what are your favorite inexpensive dating ideas?   Let’s support each other with fun ideas.