Men and Women Just Don't See the Same Things

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Men and women don't see the same. It's not a choice and it's not meant to drive each other crazy. Like so many of the misunderstandings between men and women that we talk about, it's rooted in biological differences in how men and women are wired. In this week's video and blog post we answer one of your questions "My husband claims he doesn't notice piles of laundry or shoes and socks left all over the house. How can he be so blind? He's so inconsiderate!"

Men and Women Don't See the Same:

It's a common upset we hear from women that men just don't notice things like her new haircut, exciting decorating changes she made to the house or organizing the office to get ready for a new work project.

A lot of us women take it personally when a man does not notice something that is important and really obvious to us.

Men, on the other hand, share with us that they wish women could just relax and chill out instead of complaining about a few things that are out of place. They want to see us happy and don't understand why we can't just let it go.

What if men and women don't see the same? After you've watched the video, can you share your aha moments or questions with us below?

Let's shift this dynamic between men and women together and put an end to the drama!