Polite Ways to Say No (Awkward and Stress Free!)

Learn how to say no without things getting awkward or stressing you out! No one wants you to be fake or blow them off. Maybe your MO is to do things you don't want to or don't have time for just to avoid the drama. There is a formula for politely saying no even when you just don't want to. Check out our video for a no-fail formula:

Polite Ways to Say No

1. Why don't we say no?

  • Avoid conflict and drama
  • Don't want to hurt someone's feelings.
  • When you avoid the answer or push it away that can be ruder than actually saying no.

2. The Formula:

  • Recognize their request.
  • Just say No.
  • Give your reason.

3. What's next?

The next time someone asks you a question an the answer is no, use the formula. First recognize their request, firmly saying no and then giving your reason why, whether you are busy or just don't want to.

So let's take action and make this your new habit!? In the next few days...someone is going to ask you to do something and your real answer is no. Use the formula.  Let us know how it goes in the comments below.