3 Simple Things That Make Any Woman Irresistible to Men

There are three simple things you can do that make any woman irresistible to men. The good news is that none of it has to do with what you look like, how old you are or what size you're wearing. Is has nothing to do with if you've just met or have known each other a long time. Think you're too this or too that? It does not matter!

Sometimes we're not sure if we want to be irresistible to men. After all, they (some of them) can be jerks. When we're irresistible we have more choice about who, when and what we want with men. We also found that the very things that we did to be irresistible to men also led to us enjoying men more. Bonus: the good men come out of the woodwork!

So let's get to those three simple things...

#1 Let Him Be A Man

We're not saying that anyone should allow a man to mistreat you...ever! But the simple fact is that men and women are very different. When we judge a man's actions from a woman's perspective we can miss who he is and assume he's misbehaving. Or worse, assume that he's a bad person when he's really one of the good guys.

Learn a few things about what drives men in their actions and why. Then look for the good in that.

Is he overly protective and it seems like he's controlling? Or does he interrupt to tell you what to do? It's possible that he just cares about you and wants to make sure you're safe. Who would you want to be there when you're walking down a dark and deserted street?

Here's a good question to ask yourself: "Is this about the differences between men and women or is that just bad behavior?"

And that leads us to our next thing that makes any woman irresistible to men:

#2 Stop Assuming

Don't assume that anything that he says or does means the same thing it would mean if you did or said it. Assumptions are usually wrong.

Pause. Ask yourself "Is this about me or him?"

Then, before you react or respond, ask "That's interesting, what did you mean when you said (x,y, and z)?" Or you can ask, "I'm curious and wouldn't want to assume. Why did you (x,y or z)?"

Then genuinely listen to what he shares with you. Seek to understand not respond.

Expert's Tip: Give him 30 seconds of quiet after you ask a question or he starts talking.

Then every time he stops talking give those same 30 seconds of quiet until he finishes. He'll say something like "And that's all I have to say about that." Or he might ask you a question to signal he's done. This tip can make you extra irresistible.

This third thing to make you irresistible is one we see so many women missing. It's probably because it's so different from the needs we have as women for fulfillment.

#3 Set Him Up To Win

A primary drive in men is to win. It's biological and has a ton of value for our species surviving! If he wins, he survives and so does his offspring. This is part of his DNA, not some choice he makes to be like this. If you listen carefully to him, you'll hear what a man wants to win at.

Some of the most common things he wants to win at are:

  • Making you happy
  • Providing
  • Fixing things
  • Being better than other men at something he cares about

Part of why sports are such a big deal to men is that it's an arena for winning. They live vicariously through the wins of their teams. It can even give them a boost of testosterone (if he's getting older, this is energy he needs!).

So how do you set a man up to win? Let him know what will make you happy instead of assuming he should already know. Spell it out so he can be successful. You can also let him fix something for you, like a problem or something broken. We, modern women, like to do things ourselves, but sometimes that makes a man feel like he can't win with us.

Why do these three things make you irresistible to him? Most women relate to men based on seeing things through a woman's perspective. That means they get in "trouble" a lot. When they encounter a woman who makes it safe for him to be a man, he responds!

In the next 24 hours, try on at least one of these things. Can you commit to that? Getting a new result means committing to doing something new and taking action on it. We would love to hear your experience.

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From our hearts to yours,