How to Start Dating Even if You Think You Are Past Your Prime

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Meeting sexy singles to start dating and going out for fun, adventurous and romantic evenings is great for our self esteem and let’s face it…is the only thing that leads to the sex, love and companionship that we all desire. Want to know how to go from sitting at home alone to fun and fabulous dates even if you think you’re too old, too short, have too much baggage, out of shape, overweight or not successful enough?  We’ve got a technique to share with you that will completely change the game for you overnight no matter where you are in life.

Why are we so sure?  We’ve both successfully used and taught this technique for years with great results!

How The Power of The Pause Dating Technique Can Get You the Sex, Love and Companionship You Desire

Our very own Claudette used this technique to marry her husband of more than 20 years.   The truth is that she almost screwed it up by doing what we all do, judging and passing on a great match too soon.  She just wasn’t in the space to meet the man she’d spend the rest of her life with.  When she met him, she judged the way he looked, dressed and acted way too soon and determined oh hell no!  He pursued her and she blew him off.

Then one day she had a gut feeling that she was making a big mistake.  So she put The Power of The Pause Dating Technique into action and got to know him.  She decided not to say no too soon; she let him unfold and reveal who he was and allowed herself to unfold also.  This created the space for her attraction to grow for him.

She paused and she paused and she paused realizing that he was a really good man at the core of who he is.  Sure he is not perfect and neither is she, but what blossomed from using The Power of The Pause Dating Technique was a partnership that blew away anything that she had known with any man before.  She’s been coaching other singles on that technique ever since.

Oh wait…you think that only worked for her?

Shelley also used this same technique to go from serial dating to great relationships with men who adored her well after she thought she was past her prime.  She’d successfully been using The Power of The Pause Technique in business relationships for years and when she started using it in her dating life the results were overnight.

Turns out she’d been passing on great matches for years and been missing out on the very love and companionship she desired not because there were not good men out there or she wasn’t a great catch but because she was saying no too fast!    She’s been passionately coaching singles on this technique ever since.

The Power of The Pause Dating Technique Gets You the Sex, Love and Companionship You Desire

The Power of The Pause Dating Technique:

1 - Don’t Say No Too Soon:  Before you pass on a potential match; pause to make sure you know who they are first.  This takes time and you cannot determine if you’re a match based on just what they look like or if they are a bit nervous talking to you.  If they are interested in you, pause and give them a chance to begin to reveal who they really are.  Everyone has their public persona so you have to create safety for people to open up with you.  No one wants to be hurt.

Men:  Watch out for saying no too soon if you think a woman is not sending signals that she likes you.  A lot of times you miss them and a woman needs a little time to warm up to you!  A woman has to know that you are interested in getting to know them first versus just hopping into bed.

Women:  Watch out for saying no too soon if you think a man is not cute enough, tall enough, educated enough, etc.  Often you pass on great matches without even knowing their whole story.  Men take time to get safe enough to really share who they are with you.

2 - Allow Someone to Unfold:  Think you already know someone after a quick check of a profile or a 5 minute chat at the bar?  Pause, remember that people take time to get comfortable and show you who they really are for good or bad.  It usually takes about 3-5 dates for someone to get comfortable enough to even begin to open up.

3 - Allow Attraction to Develop:  Men know instantly if a woman is attractive enough for him to be able to have sex with her.  Women usually need to develop that attraction by getting to know a man and feeling connected and safe with him.  We have surveyed hundreds of women and most ended up marrying the man that grew on them versus who they are highly attracted to instantly.

Men:  Pause, don’t push the sex/affection until you’ve allowed a woman to warm up to you.

Women:  Pause if you don’t “feel it” for a man right away.  Allow him to turn you on over time with who he is as a man.

4 - Communicate with Intention:  Men and Women listen, speak and think completely differently than each other.  The quickest way to bridge this gap is to PAUSE before speaking/reacting/judging.

Men:  Pause before jumping in to solve her problem or ask her to get to the point.  Women usually just want to share details and stories with you as a way of connecting.  Instead of your natural reaction, use the pause to remember this and to ask her instead “Would you like my help with that?”  Or Comment “Thanks for sharing your stories”

Women:  Pause for 30 seconds first before commenting or jumping in to say “me too” while he is speaking.  In your pause, remember that men think quietly inside before they continue speaking and will let you know when they are finished with what they were saying.  If you interrupt you won’t get all his juicy details.

5 - Don’t Jump in Too Soon:  Pause and make sure you are a match with someone before getting too serious.  In your pause, remember that if you find yourself clamoring to jump into bed or to get serious right away, that means you are making serious decisions without even knowing who someone is. See Tip #2 if you find yourself doing this.

Are you ready to get that juicy dating life by putting The Power of The Pause Dating Technique into action today?   Too many times we pass by potential matches that are truly good people.

Have a fabulous friend who is using excuses not to date, when you know they have so much to offer?  Share this article with them and give them the secret to get the sex, love and companionship they desire.

We’d love to hear from you and the results you have gotten or seen by using The Power of The Pause Dating Technique.