Why Won't He Ask Me Out?

It’s so frustrating when you know he likes you and you’re asking yourself “Why won’t he ask me out?” Men have told us what the number one thing is that keeps them from asking you out, even when they LIKE you!  It’s really more about how different men and women are than that he doesn’t like you.  Let's find out if this is the same reason why your guy is not asking you out?  

Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?  What He Wants You To Know!

It is painful when you know a guy likes you and won’t ask you out.  It can feel like there is never going to be another guy for you.  It might feel like it’s just you, but this is a question that we get asked by women of all ages.

Here is some of what we’re hearing from you:

  • He keeps texting you, but won’t ask you out.
  • He keeps asking you to hang out, but what does that really mean?
  • He calls you to talk, but does not ask you out.
  • You're messaging back and forth online but he isn't asking you out.
  • He is only asking you to hang out in groups.
  • You like him and want him to pursue you.

Men and women are different and it can lead to a lot of misunderstandings and lost opportunities.  Not understanding these differences is not your fault.  After all, did anyone pull you aside and explain the differences between men and women and how the differences may sabotage your love life?  For most of us, the answer to that question is an overwhelming no!

Let’s step back and look at what’s going on for men so that you can understand what they need from you.

What is going on for a man who likes you but just won’t ask you out?

We talked to many men of all ages to get this answer for you.

First, let’s clarify something important about men that they secretly want you to understand. 

They are hard wired to win.  In fact, some men will not even go after something where they are not sure that they have a high likelihood of success.

We think of men as tough and not very emotional, but they get their hearts broken too.  Being rejected by a woman that they really like is a failure that many men just don’t want to face. When presented with unsure odds if you’re really interested in him romantically, even when he really likes you, doing nothing is the safer choice.

Why Won’t He Ask Me Out?  Number One Reason:

The number one answer to your question “I know he likes me…so why won’t he ask me out?” is that he is not getting clear signals that you are open to his taking your relationship from friends or acquaintances to something more.

Men don't want to be REJECTED.

If you want a man to ask you out, send clear signals that he won't be rejected.

The problem is that our idea of clear signals and his idea of clear signals can be very different.

Do you think you’ve been sending clear signals and he’s still not asking you out?

Remember, it’s not your fault that men and women are so different.  It isn’t always obvious to you what he needs to make the move and ask you out!

What Do Men Want From You to Ask You Out?

The first thing to know is what it is not.

This does not mean ask him out.

In order to send signals that  a man understands and what inspires him to be attracted to you in a way that will compel him to want to step up you need to learn more about how men think, communicate and what motivates them.

Once you understand men in this way, getting guys to ask you out is really easy.

Imagine knowing what compels a man to take action and never wasting another day waiting for a guy you know likes you to step up. Would you like to feel that empowered  in your dating life?

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