Do You Know the Number One Reason Why You Are Not Meeting The Right Person?

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Are you doing this one thing that is hurting your chances of meeting the right person?  You are probably not even aware that you are doing this.  It is right under your nose and could change your love life rather quickly. Dating can be really frustrating if you feel like you’re not meeting the right person.  These days too many people are dropping out of the dating pool and missing out on their chances of finding someone to spend their life with.

We have a tool that can turn your love life around instantly and will increase your chances of meeting the right person 3 times over.

What is Hurting Your Chances of Meeting the Right Person?

We have a story to share that we think some of you will relate to all too well.  We certainly do!

Sarah was in the corner of the bar just standing there saying an occasional hi as people from her company Christmas party would go by.  This guy she did not know kept looking at her from across the bar, but she decided immediately that he was not her type.  Sarah had her eye on this other guy from work named Ryan, who she thought was a good match for her especially because he made her pulse go faster every time he was near.

Sarah kept positioning herself to get Ryan’s attention but he just would not pay attention to her.

The first guy that had been noticing her from across the bar approached her and started some casual conversation.  She was almost annoyed by him coming over as she was too busy staring at Ryan trying to get his attention.

The guy that came over was named Jim and while he seemed nice enough, he was a bit too short for Sarah to consider him as a potential match.  Turns out he was not part of the work Christmas party, but had stopped by the bar for a quick dinner.  The conversation with Jim was friendly and even though she was soon laughing and enjoying herself, she decided that she needed to end the conversation to focus on Ryan.

Fast forward two years.  Jim ended up dating and marrying a co-worker that he met at that same party.  After Sarah ended the conversation, Jim started talking to another lady and they hit it off.

What happened to Sarah?  She has gotten to know Jim though her friend and he is a great guy and a good husband.  Sarah never connected with the other guy Ryan because he did not pay any attention to her.  Sarah is still single.  No one will ever know if she could have married Jim or not had she not written him off to focus on Ryan.  Jim has even admitted that at first he was attracted to her and joked about it saying he is glad she pushed him away so that he could meet his now wife.

Sarah is not laughing; she is still looking for her special someone and kicking herself for not getting to know Jim better when he turned out to be such a good guy.

Sarah felt that she had a chance with the other guy Ryan only to ignore the chance with Jim that was right in front of her.  Why is this?

Let’s look at the reality of the dating pool.  Your dating pool is who is interested in you.  Your dating pool is not who you are attracted to but never will give you the time of day.

Single men and women pass by potential lovers and partners every day without even realizing it.  Don’t be one of them

Do you want to know how to increase your dating pool?

We can show you how to change one simple thought and increase your chances by 75% of finding your special someone.

Do this to increase your dating pool and chances of meeting the right person: Stop assuming someone is not right for you before you give them time to reveal who they are.

Yes, you heard it.  It is that simple.  Why would we throw such an obvious solution at you?  Aren’t most answers right in front of our noses?  Let’s look at why this works.

The Reality of the Dating Pool

 1.     Looks fade.  The older we get, the more relaxed we have to be about our “perfect” someone.

We look pretty good for our age, but we are definitely not rocking the bodies we had when we were 24.  We have to relax a little and understand that we don’t stay young forever.  Your perfect match may not look exactly like who you thought you would end up with, but they may be just the right fit for you.  Give them a chance and see if you are match.  You have to get to know them first.

 2.     People Come With Baggage.  Don’t run the opposite way the second someone shows that they may have a problem in a certain area of their lives.

Use your judgment on this, but we have a friend that almost passed up dating someone because of her student loans. After encouraging him to just go out with her and casually bring this up, he realized that she had been very smart about how she went through school.  She had a solid plan on paying them off.  Just think…he could have assumed that she racked up tons of debt and just wrote her off before they even had a chance. Take the time to let someone unfold and show you who they really are before you assume something is a problem and you miss out on the right match.

3.  Is your list of what you’re looking for too long?  Shorten it! 

Ask yourself if you list is realistic and if you yourself could meet your own expectations. We tend to be forgiving of ourselves, but put a much higher standard on other people. We have to keep our list in the realm of reality. Claudette has been married for over 20 years. Her husband is a good man. Does that mean he is perfect?  No…but he is a good man and is someone that when it is all said and done, he is the type of man that she can stick by. He has what counts and the list is about 5 items.  Loyal, hard worker, smart, spiritual and has her back.

4.  Men and Women have a different timeline for affections to develop. 

Men know right away if they are physically attracted enough to someone and that does not change. Women can develop attraction for a man over time as she gets to know him (many women we know married guys that they had to develop affection for over time). Women also generally need to get to know someone before they get physically intimate, even passionate kisses! We know of too many men who stopped dating women because she was warming up slowly to him and he assumed either she was not affectionate or she was not attracted to him. They were wrong and made the decision without ever talking to her about it.  We also know of too many women who wrote guys off too soon because she thought she just didn’t have any chemistry with him because he didn’t open up to her and let her get to know him right away.

5.  Not Enough. Stop assuming you are not enough for someone. 

We all have the challenge of having good self esteem, especially if our love life is not going the way we want it to. We want you to know something important. There is someone out there for you and they will love you for who you are and accept you for who you are not. Stop assuming that you know what someone needs from you or has to have to be happy. If they keep going out with you and you are both happy, let it unfold and over time you can make sure they know enough about you that you feel safe they won’t go running if you reveal your perceived “weaknesses”.

So there you go…people are writing other people off before getting to know them and they are writing themselves off before getting to know them. Stop it!

Stop assuming and start dating! This is how people go from no love life to big love.

We believe in your and that someone is waiting for you to give them a chance.

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