Women Trying To Save Your Marriage - Avoid This Common Mistake

We're back in The Personal Power Cafe answering your questions from the marriage survey. This week we're sharing how to avoid the common mistake that almost all women (including us!) make when you want to save your marriage. It was this question that inspired us:

"I just want my husband and best friend back?"

Deep down, this is what most of us desire. A peaceful, happy life with our best friend (and lover!)

In our quest to get back to how things were in the beginning most of us will do this one thing that usually backfires.

In fact, according to our marriage survey it's what more than 60% of you do when you want to save your marriage. 

It only makes sense when you know what it is! Why it backfires is a little more complicated.

Push play to hear us describe what it is and how easily Claudette turned it around once she figured it out. 


It's so easy to turn this around as soon as you know what it is and the way to effectively do it with a man.

From our hearts to yours,