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5 Secrets To Get Him To Ask You Out Today

”You’re About To Discover 5 Secrets For Getting Him To Ask You Out Even If You’ve Lost All Hope, Are Tired Of Wasting Your Time Or You’re Ready To Give Up That Will Make Things Happen Faster & Easier Than Ever Before…” 


Hello Gorgeous,

In this special report, you’ll learn five powerful secrets to make the change you’ve been seeking in your love life for a long time. Unlock the secrets to get men to ask you out.

No more stress or loneliness.

No more wondering or wasting your time.

No more worrying you’re making the wrong move.

And no more following bad dating advice that will kill the attraction with your potential soulmate!

Finding strong and lasting love can be extremely challenging. If you’ve been trying for some time to find a relationship, you know just how frustrating this process can be. You might feel totally stuck, discouraged, or even wonder if it’s just not going to happen for you.

It’s totally understandable to feel this kind of frustration. Most of us have never been taught that there are a few simple and incredibly effective steps we can take to completely transform and simplify the process of dating – the steps we’re about to share with you here. In fact, you may have seen other people in your life struggle with dating as well, and you might have wondered if maybe this unsuccessful struggle is just normal – just “how it is”. Sometimes, we unconsciously start to accept the idea that finding love is really hard, not fun, or even, in some cases, impossible.

We, too, struggled to find and keep love in our lives for many years. We were frustrated and discouraged, and considered giving up on our dreams we had – like having a deep and intimate connection with a man who loved us – more than a few times, until we discovered and put into practice the secrets we’re about to share with you here.

Now, we’re relationship coaches, and we’ve been able to use these secrets to help many other women, too.

We want you to know that the love you desire can, in fact, happen easily and effortlessly. And the feeling of finding that love and change in your life is deeply satisfying – it feels great!

We want you to experience that same sense of happiness, fulfillment and satisfaction when you create that change you really want in your life. That’s why we’re sharing these secrets here, so that you can get started right now to find loving relationship that you want.

There is nothing more frustrating than being interested in a guy, feeling he is interested in you and he just isn’t making a move.

We’ve been there! At first you’re excited about the possibility of this new guy. “Maybe he’s the one!?” Or you might think to yourself “He’s got potential, I want to see if we could be a good match.” It’s fun to get that attention!

So you’re flirting and just waiting for him to take the next step.

But he doesn’t.

And you’re confused. You feel the air let out of your balloon full of the excitement you were just feeling that maybe, just maybe…you finally met the guy. Deflated again.

Maybe he doesn’t like you after all. Or maybe he just wants to be friends?

Or is it that he’s intimidated by you?

No…wait, maybe he just doesn’t understand that you are interested in him.

Should you ask him out?

No! That doesn’t feel right…if he really liked you he would make the move. 

Maybe he’s just not the kind of guy you want to date. You like men who are bold enough to the make the move.

Wait…maybe this guy is just a player. He’s probably pursuing a lot of women.

Yuck! That’s not what you’re looking for at all.

By this point you begin to lose interest in him. And now you’ve got more evidence that there just aren’t any good guys out there.

Stop! Don’t go there. We’ve got a solution for you.

After hearing this question “I know he likes me, so why won’t he ask me out?” time after time from frustrated women just like you, we did the research.

We researched hundreds of men of all ages on why they wouldn’t ask a woman out if they liked her.

Turns out there were 13 different reasons. We share all of them with the women we work with to help find, re-ignite and keep everlasting love, happiness and satisfaction with men.  

Lots of men won’t ask you out even when they like you! Don’t let that stand in your way. You just need to know what to do so that he'll step up and confidently make the move.

During our research we unearthed a solution for women who want a man to ask her out without killing the attraction.

Lots of dating advice out there will tell you to do things that will sabotage your love life. Things that will kill his attraction for you. One of those bad pieces of dating advice is to ask him out. Don’t do it! It almost always backfires.

Why? Turns out that there are complex reasons related to our biology and attraction triggers that are very different for men and women (complex enough that we spend a few weeks teaching them to women we work with).

But here’s a little insight to help you understand. Men are biologically more attracted to women that they pursue and women are more biologically attracted to men who pursue them. 

If you ask him out more than likely, his attraction will fizzle out even if he was really interested to begin with.

Why ask him out when he will ask you out if you know how to get him to do it and turn up his attraction for you at the same time? That’s what we call a win-win in love!

After our in depth research with men our next step was to test the solution out with women we were working with to see what happened.

Not everyone was in the same situation so we ended up with 5 different secrets to get a man to ask you out. Good news! They work really fast and get a positive response almost every time.  

If you want him to ask you out put these into action today.

Let’s jump in!

Secret #1 – Go From Online Apps To Real Live Dates


Did you meet online and now you’re messaging back and forth online and he just isn’t making a move to ask you out?

As a rule of thumb, 3 messages (each) back and forth is long enough to determine if you should go offline and meet. If he keeps messaging but is not moving things offline and to an in person meet up, then it’s time to pull this secret out.

In your reply to his next message answer one of his questions with something like this…

”That’s a great story over a glass of wine.”

Or some version of that, such as “That’s a fun story over coffee!”

If he is interested in a date, his very next message will likely say something like “When are we going to get that glass of wine?”

We have yet to see a man not ask out the women we’ve worked with after using this secret.

It's so easy once you know this secret.


Secret #2 – From In Person Connection To Being Pursued For Dates:


You've just met in person and you want him to ask you out on a date. You feel like there is a connection and he seems interested, but he’s not making a move. Maybe he’s even hinting about a future or getting together, but no date.

You’re going to use something like this…

“If you asked me out, I’d say yes.”

If he wants to ask you out, he’ll respond very positively.

If he is not interested in a date he might get a little awkward. You just say “Now don’t go getting all weird on me just because I thought about that for a minute. I’m enjoying hanging out with you as friends!”

Now you know his intention and nothing is weird for anyone!


Secret #3 - From Friend Zone To Date Zone:


You don't know whether he wants to be friends, hook up or something more. A lot of men are friends with women that they like because they don’t know how to get out of the friend zone. They don’t know if you’re interested in them.

You’re going to say something like this…

“Have you ever thought about us going on a date? You know if you asked me out, I’d say yes!”

Then give him some time to think about it. If he doesn’t ask you out, then you neutralize any weirdness. Simply say something like “Hey, now don’t go getting all awkward on me just because I wondered about that for a second, no big deal.”

If he just wants to be friends you’ll now be free to focus your attention on other men.

But if he was staying in the friend zone because he thought you weren’t interested,

you’ve now set him free to ask you out and know he’ll get a yes.


Secret #4 - From Netflix and Chill to Real Life Rom Com Dates:


You’re dating (or maybe you’re not sure what it is because it’s not defined) but he's not taking you on dates.

It’s one thing to be in a relationship and some nights you stay in to watch a movie together (or something else!). But it’s another thing to have skipped over the dating phase of a new relationship straight to hanging out or hooking up with no dates.

No matter where you are, if you want the man in your life to take you on dates you’ll need to set boundaries.

Be a no for hanging out and a yes for an invite to a plan.

If he asks to come hang out with you, you can reply back “I’d really enjoy spending some time with you. If you ask me out on a date, I’d say yes!”

If he keeps just trying to hang out with you or hook up but not take you on dates and you want a future with him you’ll have to tell him what you need.

You can say something like…

“I enjoy spending time with you. I’m not sure where this is going, but getting to know each other could be fun. If you’d like to date so we can get to know each other and see if we’re a good fit, I’d be a yes to that. But I’m a no to just hooking up if that’s all that you’re interested in.”

This is how you’ll weed men out who just want to hook up instead of actually date you or get into a committed relationship with you eventually. Men respond to you. If you want to be taken on dates, set the boundary and send a clear message.

When we worked with Sarah, she weeded out a guy who was wasting her time using this secret and made room to meet her new boyfriend the very next week who takes her on real dates.


Secret #5 - Get Out Of Cell Phone Limbo and Out On Face to Face Dates:


You met or went on a date or two. He texts you but never makes a plan for a future date with you. It’s so frustrating! You aren't looking for a relationship with a cell phone!

Use this…

“I’m enjoying getting to know you. If you ask me out on a date, I’d say yes. That way we can get to know each other and see if we’re a match in person. But if you just want to be friends, that’s fine too.”

He has to choose…boom!

That’s exactly what happened for our client Christy after texting back and forth with Ryan for a month after their first date. (He finally stepped up!)

If he doesn’t take that bait to ask you out, you’ll know you can move on.

But a man who was feeling any attraction for you to begin with will likely feel even stronger attraction for you. (That’s the power of psychological triggers!)

Now you can start planning your date night outfit!

Your only worry now is how to have a date that leads to more dates.

  • Do you know how to have a man always want more dates with you?
  • Or maybe you aren’t sure where to meet guys you want to date.
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We’ll be emailing you again soon to see how you’re doing with putting these 5 secrets to work in your life, and to see if you have any questions or if we can support you in any way.

You absolutely deserve a happy, successful relationship. Start now!

We’ll be in touch soon.


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