How To Go From Bitter Battles To
Playful Soulmates In 8 Easy Steps

Step 1 – Unleash the Power Within. We give you the 22 words guaranteed to stop any argument instantly and put a smile back on his face

"After I listened to the module this morning, my husband and I had an argument. He got upset, I started to get defensive, that is when your course kicked in. I said those 22 words and, like magic, he looked at me with astonishment and said well alright then (with a big smile) – end of argument!" - Kathy

Step 2 – Get what you need – without becoming a nag.

"I can hardly believe how easy it is. I used the script you gave me and it worked right away. I'm so much happier now that I get to go to my yoga class every week. Here's the crazy part! My husband is offering to do even more for me now that he sees how happy I am getting what I need!" -Cary

Step 3 – Get him to really listen and, finally to want to do those little things just for you.

"I was just done with him when I started the program. Since I started using your scripts, we have peace in the house. We even stopped arguing about who cooks dinner! I don't dread him coming home from work anymore. I'm so relieved. I'm finally having fun spending time with him!" - Lorraine

Step 4 – Finally put an end to those problems you’ve fought over for years,  even if counseling didn’t work.

"I was kinda worried he would know I was "up to something", but he never got suspicious. We are getting over things that have plagued us for years without fighting. It's amazing to have that dark energy lifted from our house. Thank you so much. I wish I had known all of this about men so much sooner." - Denise

Step 5 – Chemistry? You’ll have that real chemistry and go from “not tonight” to “let’s go now” without three glasses of wine.

"I just never thought I could have chemistry like this with my husband. He's so hot to me now! I had not spent much time thinking about what I wanted in our sex life until you helped me tap into his heart and fall back in love." - Amanda

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Step 6 – Bring back that “puppy dog” look you used to adore because you knew he adored you.

"I am so grateful for this life-changing program! My husband fell back in love with me! I could hardly believe how his feelings for me changed overnight. The steps work! It was like we were newlyweds all over again. The best part is that I'm happier than I've ever been! - Rose

Step 7 – Make your marriage affair proof, without giving up who you really are.

" When I went through the program, I never told him what I was doing. All I did was use your scripts and he responded! A few months later he asked me to spend the weekend with him on a mini-honeymoon. He is so in love with me now, he only has eyes for me. I’m so happy I discovered this program!” - Lori

Step 8 – How to make it fun. How to make it easy. And how to make it last for the rest of your life.

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