How To Go From Bitter Battles To
Playful Soulmates In 8 Easy Steps

Push Play to hear K. share how she went from tears and no hope to butterflies again!

Step 1 – Unleash the Power Within. We give you the 22 words guaranteed to stop any argument instantly and put a smile back on his face

"After I listened to the module this morning, my husband and I had an argument. He got upset, I started to get defensive, that is when your course kicked in. I said those 22 words and, like magic, he looked at me with astonishment and said well alright then (with a big smile) – end of argument!" - Kathy

Step 2 – Get what you need – without becoming a nag.

"I can hardly believe how easy it is. I used the script you gave me and it worked right away. I'm so much happier now that I get to go to my yoga class every week. Here's the crazy part! My husband is offering to do even more for me now that he sees how happy I am getting what I need!" -Cary

Step 3 – Get him to really listen and, finally to want to do those little things just for you.

"I was just done with him when I started the program. Since I started using your scripts, we have peace in the house. We even stopped arguing about who cooks dinner! I don't dread him coming home from work anymore. I'm so relieved. I'm finally having fun spending time with him!" - Lorraine

Step 4 – Finally put an end to those problems you’ve fought over for years,  even if counseling didn’t work.

"I was kinda worried he would know I was "up to something", but he never got suspicious. We are getting over things that have plagued us for years without fighting. It's amazing to have that dark energy lifted from our house. Thank you so much. I wish I had known all of this about men so much sooner." - Denise

Step 5 – Chemistry? You’ll have that real chemistry and go from “not tonight” to “let’s go now” without three glasses of wine.

"I just never thought I could have chemistry like this with my husband. He's so hot to me now! I had not spent much time thinking about what I wanted in our sex life until you helped me tap into his heart and fall back in love." - Amanda

growing together.jpg

Step 6 – Bring back that “puppy dog” look you used to adore because you knew he adored you.

"I am so grateful for this life-changing program! My husband fell back in love with me! I could hardly believe how his feelings for me changed overnight. The steps work! It was like we were newlyweds all over again. The best part is that I'm happier than I've ever been! - Rose

Step 7 – Make your marriage affair proof, without giving up who you really are.

" When I went through the program, I never told him what I was doing. All I did was use your scripts and he responded! A few months later he asked me to spend the weekend with him on a mini-honeymoon. He is so in love with me now, he only has eyes for me. I’m so happy I discovered this program!” - Lori

Step 8 – How to make it fun. How to make it easy. And how to make it last for the rest of your life.

Here's how to get started:

We are offering a 8-step marriage transformation spread out over eight weeks. This step-by-step program will have you understanding what really makes men tick -  at a much deeper level than before.

This will take your communication with your husband (and every man in your life) to a whole new level of genius that will make him respond to you lovingly. 

You've got a choice to make today for yourself, your husband, your family and your heart:

Do you want to have the relationship that you have always dreamed of?

$62,563 - What You COULD Spend To Discover The Techniques To Transform Your Marriage

Weekend seminars, airline flights, time off from work, mentoring, books, CDs, counseling and years of research. That’s just a partial list of everything that you can invest in. 

Think about it. 

Just 8 sessions with a marriage counselor will cost, on average, $1,200! And you certainly won’t get offered a refund if what you learn doesn’t work (we do!) 

And there’s no guarantee you’ll finally figure it out. No guarantee you’ll save your marriage from a divorce. No guarantee you will have the marriage you only hope for now.

Carrie Discovered Things In The First 24 Hours She'd Never Heard From 5 Different Marriage Therapists!

You Could Pay Us $20,000 To Save Your Marriage

We do work one-on-one to get couples to transform their marriages. 

Our fee starts at $20,000 and it’s a lot of work for us.  Couples only choose that option because they are desperate to stop the pain and have the happy relationship that they dreamed about when they got married. But they’re also willing to say “divorce is not an option”, so they’re fully committed.

Even with that steep fee, we could fill up our calendar working with these women who can afford to pay us $20,000. But that would mean we could only work with a few women at a time.  What about the thousands of women who deserve to have this same transformation program? 

Every woman’s heart is priceless.

The scripts we’ve developed, just WORK. When you use these techniques, you instantly transform your marriage.  And when your marriage works, you automatically improve everyone in your life.

That’s why we do this. And that’s why we want to make sure our proven, step-by-step Marriage Academy is attainable by everyone who can say “divorce is not an option”. 

That is why we put together the program that we’re offering you. And that’s why we are able to offer the same instant transformation scripts in our $20,000 one-on-one work for a price that's affordable to most.

Here’s what you get:

I'm Ready To Become Empowered To Save My Marriage!

I understand that my enrollment today includes:

An 8-Week Marriage Transformation Program

The program is designed for you to do this on your own even if your husband does not know that you are doing this.

His part of the transformation comes as a result of responding to the life-changing techniques that we share with you in the program.

Everything is on-line and on-demand. You can watch the videos as often as you like on your computer or phone.

Access to the program is granted to you for 1 whole year. This gives you the chance to review at any time. We give you downloadable take action assignments and notes to keep things simple for a quick step-by-step reference. Let’s cover all of this in more detail.

Here is the transformation you can expect to experience over the 8 weeks.

  • Week Number 1: Gain The Confidence And Power To Save Your Marriage
  • Week Number 2: Stop The Pain In Its Tracks
  • Week Number 3: Get Free From Pain, Loneliness and Sadness
  • Week Number 4: Put And End To Fights Forever
  • Week Number 5: Feel Deep Juicy Love And Attraction For Your Husband
  • Week Number 6: Light His Heart On Fire And Launch The Honeymoon All Over Again
  • Week Number 7: Affair Proof Your Marriage & More
  • Week Number 8: Your Strong Marriage For Life Plan

(Value = $8,000)

6 Months of Coaching and Support from Claudette & Shelley

  • We walk you through each week of the transformation.
  • Check ins are done weekly to track your success.
  • You will have support to break through any barriers to your success and powerfully get what you need.
  • The mystery of men will be solved and you will have an undeniable understanding of why they do what they do, say what they say and act like they act.
  • We are available to answer your questions.
  • Accessible FAQs are available for you, explaining the most common problems and matching them to solutions that work.

(Value = $4,000)

Downloadable Program Materials

  • Scripts of exactly what to say to your husband that speak directly to a man’s motivation triggers and his heart.
  • PDFs of techniques you will use for a lifetime.
  • Notes for each weekly lesson of the program for your convenience.
  • Take Action Assignments designed to propel your results and start transforming your marriage immediately.
  • These are yours to keep and use forever.

(Value = $2,000)

With VIP Group Coaching My Enrollment Also Includes (in addition to everything above):

  • 6 Months of exclusive access to Claudette & Shelley in live group coaching calls
  • Calls happen on average 3 times a month. 
  • Ability to submit unlimited questions for the calls.
  • Recordings of the calls.

(Value = $8,000)

With Platinum Private Coaching Marriage Transformation My Enrollment Also Includes (in addition to everything above):

  • 6 Months Exclusive One-on-One Transformation Sessions (3 times a month about 1 hour each) with Claudette or Shelley
  • 6 Months Unlimited Email Access
  • 6 Months of Rapid Transformation Healing (through our proprietary healing technique for women who want to break through old patterns & blocks to your desired love and happiness even when nothing has worked in the past!)
  • Absolute Privacy and Rapid Results! 
  • If you've tried everything and it hasn't worked...this option is for you!

(Value = $24,000)

"Our Purpose Is For All Women To Have Access To This Life-Changing Information."


We do still work with couples or women one-on-one. But if we only worked with a handful of women one-on-one at a time we wouldn't be able to share these secrets with all women. This is why we created an on-line version of our transformation program with Group Support to slash the cost and make it accessible to everyone!

See the chart below to choose with option fits you best. 

We invite you to join us today. 

From our hearts to yours,

Claudette & Shelley, Co-Creators of Save Your Marriage Academy

Marriage Transformation Program PLUS VIP Group Coaching Calls


Exclusive Private Marriage Transformation Program

Platinum includes everything included in Save Your Marriage Academy for Women


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I will be on vacation for part of the 6 months. What if I miss a week or two?

The course is self paced and you have 6 months of support. We recommend you take time each week to implement what you are discovering, but if you have to take a week or two off and come back to it you are still going to get results! The course is designed in layers and you can move at the speed that works for you. Calls are recorded and you can submit questions in advance even if you're on vacation! 

I'm so busy I don't know how to fit anything else in. How much time will I need to devote to this?

We understand and it's why we designed the program for busy women. You choose when to work on the program. Some of you will watch, read everything and do your assignments all in one day and some of you will do a little a day. You can access the program from your computer or your phone.  Expect to spend anywhere form 15-60 minutes a day on the program and implementation. Some of this will just be incorporated into your day to day conversations you already have with your husband.

My husband says he doesn't love me anymore. Will the program help me?

Yes!! The program is designed to have him fall back in love with you. Even in cases where he thought he was in love with another woman or had left the marriage. The tools we share are that powerful. Claudette's husband told her he didn't love her anymore. She discovered exactly how to reach his heart and ignite his desire! He's deeply in love and only has eyes for her now.

How do the group calls work with VIP Group Coaching?

We hold the Q & A calls on average 3 times a month. You'll know in advance the day/time of the call so you can plan it in your schedule. If you are unable to make the call live, you'll be able to submit your questions in advance for us to answer. We do our best to provide recordings of the calls (technology blips cannot always be controlled!). These calls are your time to ask anything and everything about the program, men and marriage. We go deep and absolutely LOVE supporting you through these calls. You'll get to hear what other women are experiencing and we can't emphasize enough how this contributes to your transformation experience. You'll be able to call in from wherever you are. 

I have to figure out how I will pay for this. Do you have a Payment Plan?

We designed this program to be affordable and accessible to as many women as possible. Compare the price of our program to a divorce in the tens or hundreds of thousands and decide what is right for you. We believe every woman should have access to this program, which is why we offer an extended payment plan and a group coaching option.

I don't know if this will work with my husband. Does this work with a man who is...?

Depressed, a Narcissist, is an addict, really mean...and the list could go on. Yes it can work with any man. The program is designed for you to get empowered, change the dynamic between you to bring out the best in your husband, build trust and allow for you to evaluate your relationship from an empowered place. After implementing the techniques, you'll be a much better judge of if your husband is someone you want to be in a relationship with or not. Many men are misunderstood and when they are in a relationship with a woman who understands them and how to bring out their best side they return to the man you fell in love with. In the case of some men, they have very serious emotional issues and you can now decide from an empowered place how to move forward with a new set of tools for communicating effectively with them to significantly reduce the conflict.

Are you going to ask me to be a "doormat" or "1950s wife" in this program? I'm not interested in that!

Heck no! Our entire program is rooted in a foundation of your being empowered and taking charge of your future. Men and women are just biologically different. We show you how to get  a different and better response from your husband based on years of research and proven results. We do ask you to take the lead to make the changes, but the rewards are well worth it!  As an added bonus you're going to notice changes with all of the men in your life, including your sons if you have them!

I don't want my husband to know what I'm doing. How do I handle that?

We give you exact conversations to have with your husband to set you up to win as you begin to make changes and work on your marriage. When you have the exact techniques and scripts that speak to a man's heart, he will eventually soften to you taking the lead to make changes. What you learn is not about manipulating him. This is about you learning to bring out a better side of him and you. You do the program on your own and he won't have to know. You can listen on your phone while out for ride in your car . Our modules are designed to be short and effective for people just like you who have asked for this. 

Is this the right program for me? What is your refund policy?

If you've watched our webinar, a video series or read our emails and our information, style of teaching and taking action resonates with you, then this is for you. If you're someone who just wants someone else to do the work for you, then we're not a good fit. 
In this program we go much deeper and work on what will work for you and your marriage.
We know this program works. It is the exact steps we've taken to change our lives and hundreds of others. If you show us that you've put in the work and still don't see any positive results within the first 30 days, then we'll refund your money as per our course agreement and terms. We call it our "I love this training guarantee!"

Which program option is best for me?

Have you always done best with one-on-one support? When you want to get fast transformation, do you choose a personal trainer over working out at the gym alone? Or is your marriage in crisis such as he's left or divorce is looming? Then our Platinum Private Program is likely the right option for you. Fill our the short form to book an appointment with us.
Do you love having a group of girlfriends who cheer and support you? If you prefer to have someone to talk to and make sure you're doing things right, then the Group Program is probably the best fit for you. Most women will find this option the best fit for them.  
Still not sure? CLICK HERE to book a complimentary call with us so we can help you decide. Our Assistant will reach out to you to schedule a time to talk to one of us within a few business days. 

Is your program faith based?

While we both have our individual beliefs, it was our intention to design this program to be able to work in your life and not be in conflict with any spiritual belief or practice. Our hope is that you will continue in your path to grow and fulfill the reason that you are here to positively affect everyone that is in your life.
Claudette has a background as a youth pastor and worked with couples in sessions to resolve problems and issues. When her own marriage started to crumble she realized that it was time to understand men at a deeper level and do what she could to not have regret regardless of whether she could save her marriage or not. She began to see where there was a lack in understanding between men and women that is at the root and failure of most marriages. When this understanding is coupled with unmet needs and pain it is devastating to both the husband and the wife. What she has shared in our save your marriage academy was all part of the plan that saved her marriage. You will face challenges in life, but are you healed and strong enough to stand for fairness and not take anything or anyone for granted including yourself?

I am interested in working with you one-on-one. Can you work with me?

Here's how it works. Email us as with "coaching inquiry" in the subject line or CLICK HERE TO APPLY. We'll have our assistant send you a short application to fill out. After you submit that, we may invite you to have a conversation with us to see if we're a good fit. When we work directly with you one-on-one results are accelerated and profound! We can only take a few women at a time, but we'd be honored to consider supporting you!