Terms & Conditions for Save Your Marriage Academy™ for Women


We are super excited to share with you the very same steps that Claudette used to turn her marriage around and fall in love with Greg all over again. Claudette and I are thrilled to have you working with us!

By purchasing this program you are indicating that you have read and agreed to these terms.

Here's what you get with the Save Your Marriage Academy for Women:

How the Course is Delivered?

·       Online in a members only area.

·       Videos, voice recordings (mp3s), downloadable PDFs and online interactive questions.

·       The course is desktop and mobile friendly – you can watch or listen from your phone in the line to pick up kids from school (girl we know how you fit things in!)

·       Each week the module you’ll be working on will be unlocked and you’ll have access by signing into your account.

·       Weekly emails to gently nudge you forward in your transformation, to share with you new coursework and keep you on track.

·       Flexibility for you to attend “class” whenever it’s convenient for you.

How Long Does the Course Last?

·       8 weeks – each week is a new module comprised of multiple shorter lessons

·       Each week a new module is released for you for you to complete on your own time.

What is included in the Course?

·       Suggested conversations to have with your husband to save your marriage. We will bold the parts of the conversation that we recommend not changing.

·       Downloadable PDFs for each module with recaps of techniques and growth assignments to complete.

·       All downloads and quick tip guides are yours forever once you download them. Keep them as your reference guides.

·       You will have access to the Save Your Marriage Program for Women™ for 12 months.

·       Your own personal Save Your Marriage Action Plan. By the end of the eight weeks, you will be able to form your own Action Plan and implement it fully.

What is Required of You?

·       15-60 Minutes a day of listening/watching the course or exercises and assignments to complete. Not going to overwhelm you, but we will be effective.

·       You may digest and do everything all at once or do a bit every day.

·       Techniques that you can put into practice to incorporate into your daily life.

·       A commitment to be open minded to new ideas and ways of communicating with your husband.

·       We will give you growth exercises that also must be completed. Don’t worry, we won’t overwhelm you! All that we give you is meant to move you forward in transforming your marriage.

Results You Can Expect:

·       Relief from being constantly hurt due to miscommunication with your spouse within the first two weeks if the techniques are adopted and used by you. Better communication and understanding = less pain!

·       More energy and a feeling of empowerment and optimism about what is possible in your life and marriage.

·       Focus and a clear path to start fixing your marriage right away.

·       Each week you will layer in new skills and move the marriage closer to the happiness and mutual respect you crave.

·       Connection and communication with your husband will improve and become more intimate as you go through the program.

·       You will reignite the passion and love with your husband or you will come to the realization at a later time that you have done all that you could do. 

How We Support You During the Course:

·       Each week you’ll be giving us individual feedback via surveys so we can keep track of your progress. We jump in with answers or new videos as needed (as long as it’s covered in the scope of the program) to make sure that you don’t get lost in the program.

·       We have a dedicated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section in the classroom that we continually add to, based on participant feedback. Our intention is that all of your questions will be answered through the coursework and actions you’ll be taking, but you’ll always have a way to ask questions.

·       Weekly support emails from us.

·       We reserve the right to announce Q & A calls as needed well ahead of time as a way of answering your questions, if we choose.

·       Some people do ask us for individual or couples private coaching, which we do offer on a limited basis after an application process. If it’s in your budget to work with us more directly, you can find out more about that by emailing us at info@claudetteandshelley.com.

·       All downloads and quick tip guides are yours forever once you download them. Keep them as your reference guides.

·       You will have access to the Save Your Marriage Program for Women™ for 12 months.

·       This program will help to guide you to build a strong foundation for yourself to be more powerful and able to stand for your marriage and determine if you truly have done all that you can.

·       We will help you design healthy boundaries that you can implement to protect your relationship from either person feeling used, bitter or treated unfairly.

·       This program is designed to help you to discover why your husband acts and thinks like he does in most cases. You will be guided on how to create agreements with your husband to bring more peace to your marriage. Agreements are the beginning of partnership and mutual respect.

 An overwhelming majority of couples stay married!  For a small percent of those who do not stay married, they can move into a friendship and partnership to co-parent children and handle all future decisions with honor. There will always be someone who is not open to change. No program or method will work if you are not open to change and growth.

How to Get Help

DO NOT BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP. We are here to help you achieve maximum results for your marriage. If you don’t ask for help, you won’t be getting the most out of this program. Asking for help is as simple as filling out our survey forms each week or submitting a question through our FAQ Section. 

Everyone is a little different. The surveys are meant to track your success and for us to know if you need more information for you particular situation. They will also be used for your own Save Your Marriage Action Plan.

Please note that in the Save Your Marriage Academy for Women what you will implement is proprietary intellectual property. You have the right to learn from and apply this training to your OWN marriage, but you do NOT have the right to re-teach, re-sell, or share this information in any way. If you only share partial information, it can be taken out of context and really spark anger in a man. Developing this system has cost us hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we are VERY serious about enforcing this, and so are our lawyers.


We are not licensed counselors or psychiatrists. We are the co-creators of the “Save Your Marriage Academy Programs.” We are trained & licensed in the differences between men and women and we specialize in communication, problem solving and personal power.

Our Refund Policy

Let’s be clear on one thing: making life changes can be difficult. Changes happen one step at a time, layer upon layer. Your husband may respond immediately or it may take him a little while to warm up. This is all based on how hurt and protective he is being of himself.

You have a right to a refund if we do not do our part as promised in this agreement to you. It is a requirement that you do your part.

There will be significant challenges you need to overcome.

You can react to those challenges only one of two ways – you can either CRUSH them, or allow yourself to be crushed BY them.

If you find that after watching, listening, reading, acting on all of the techniques in this program and doing your take action assignments, you find no improvement in your life or marriage, we will refund your money within the first 30 days of the course.

In order to do that, we will require your completed assignments from the first four modules within 30 days of the release of your first module.

Why do we back up our program? If you commit and do the work, we know you will see change.

In our Save Your Marriage Academy for Women, we believe that there are reasons that people act the way that they do. We should not accept unhappiness when we can do something about it. We also should not accept a failed marriage until we have done everything we know to do.

To succeed at this change, you have decide to LOVE challenges and problems because now you will have solutions for these challenges and problems. When a problem is identified, we will follow up with solutions to fix it. You promise that if you mess up, you won’t beat yourself up. That is not allowed. Just own it and tell your spouse….”Hey I messed up on this and am trying to improve, please forgive me for ________. I am working on getting better every time. If we both do that, we will both be stronger and get along a lot better.”

Every challenge and problem is a potential improvement that is screaming for attention. This is a systematic approach to that improvement. Being honest about your problems is one of your first steps to your own freedom and personal power.

·       We don’t get scared and stay there. We take our power back and solve the problem.

·       We don’t pretend the problems don’t exist.

·       We don’t lie to ourselves.

Each problem can be viewed as something to conquer and overcome, because that is how we get better and stronger. You best self is just waiting to come forward.


Enrolling in our Save Your Marriage Academy for Women™ is a mutual commitment. We are committed to giving you the MOST EFFECTIVE content and support to reach your goals.

YOU are committed to persevering when the going gets tough. There is no turning back.

Success takes a great plan, and the courage to follow it through. We can provide the plan with the program, but you must provide the courage. We have been where you are ourselves. I, Claudette, personally know what it is like to be at the lowest point of a marriage and bring it back to healthy and happy. Our program is designed to support you every step of the way.

From our hearts to yours!


Claudette and Shelley




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